The Best ED Drugs That Work in 2017

Today in 2017, men tend to suffer from Impotence more intensively with more than 25 million sufferers in the USA alone. Many men think: “The older I get, the higher the risks of being unable to get an erection”.

The thing is: although Impotence is not directly tied to aging, the problem worsens after 40 due to extensive life issues which include smoking, alcohol, bad foods, excess weight, low testosterone and heart disease, all of which begin to prevail at this age.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is both a medical and more man-friendly term for Impotence which can often sound like a prison sentence.

Best ED Drugs 2015/2016Abbreviated as ED, it is defined as a sexual disorder that prevents a man from achieving an erection while being sexually aroused and further support it on a necessary level to be able to successfully finish sexual intercourse.


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If you are having an extended problem with achieving an erection, you should not be embarrassed to visit your doctor and find out what is the root of the problem.

Going through such a situation alone can only aggravate sexual inability and mental sufferings. It is also OK to share the problem with your wife.

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During your visit, your doctor will ask you some questions and run a few tests to determine why you are being affected by the problem.

You will then receive a prescription for one of the approved drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.


Don’t be in a hurry to visit your pharmacy. Let’s talk about ED drugs in detail.

According to US medical data in 2014-2015, 4 out of 5 ED cases are treated with oral drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Below, there are some crucial things you need to know about oral ED drugs to make sure you don’t get confused and these medications give you the best results.


1. ED Drugs Do Not Cure But Treat the Problem

ed drugs do not cure but treat impotence 2015The main problem with Erectile Dysfunction drugs is that they provide temporary results.

You take one Viagra, Levitra or Cialis tablet for each time you want to have sex, typically one hour before the planned event.

Then you wait until the drug’s active ingredient dissolves in the bloodstream so the erection can be achieved.

ED drug main ingredients:

  • Viagra – sildenafil citrate
  • Levitra – vardenafil hydrochloride
  • Cialis – tadalafil.

The most common reason for why men are unable to achieve a strong erection is ailing arteries (small channels in the body through which blood flows).

Oral ED Drugs work by widening arteries in the penis so it more easily fills with blood.

After the drug stops its action (Viagra, Levitra after 5 hrs, Cialis after 36 hours!), arteries narrow down once again so achieving a repeated erection without medication is impossible.

ED Drugs do not cure Impotence, but only make an erection possible for a certain amount of time.

No root cause is addressed, only temporary treatment of the consequences stemming from an unhealthy lifestyle.


2. Too Many Ifs

Some people believe that anyone can take ED medications whenever they want for best results, but they are deeply mistaken.
Some people even regard Viagra as a great libido booster, which is not the truth.

Oral ED drugs are only for men and should be taken only as prescribed with no exceptions.

You cannot take Viagra or any other ED pill if:

  1. You do not have a prescription from your doctor. Only your doctor may issue a prescription for oral impotence meds. If your health problem outweighs the benefits that you get from taking ED Drugs, you won’t receive an Rx.
  2. You have certain heart, liver or kidney problems, or allergies to some components of ED drugs.
  3. If you are taking prescription drugs containing nitrates which are not compatible with Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.
  4. If you have taken one pill less than 24 hours before.
  5. If you have eaten fatty meals or consumed alcohol before sexual intercourse (which are normal activities on a date).


3. Chemicals Accumulated in the Body

Manufactures of ED pills claim that the active ingredients contained in Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra are eliminated from the body within 24 hours after the last intake.

However, a minimal amount of the medicine accumulates within the tissues of the body.

Imagine what might happen if you use Viagra for years.

Chemicals stored in your body may lead to extremely disastrous consequences.

In a world full of GMOs, pesticides, plastic food, no one really wants to take the chance of causing extra harm to their health from pharmaceutical ED Drugs.


4. Does Not Work for All

Brand Viagra is extremely expensive pill 2015 vs generic pillsDuring the official medical trials, it was found that Viagra improved erections for 78% of patients, Levitra and Cialis provided satisfactory results for 85% of patients.

This demonstrates that there is a 15-22% chance that the medication will not work for you at all.

Changing ED tablets from one to another will not help either because all of these drugs belong to the same group of medications and have analogous principles of actions.

No doctor can give you a 100% guarantee that Viagra or a similar drug will make any difference for your Impotence problem.


5. Too Expensive

ED medications are not covered by any kind of insurance.

You have to bear all the expenses on your own and the expenses are notable.

Don’t be surprised if you are faced with following costs associated with ED Drug prescriptions:

Doctor’s visit, examination and a prescription for 2 years – up to $300.

Single Viagra pill for one sexual intercourse – $14.67

1 month supply of Cialis 20 mg – $792.06.



Brand name ED Drugs are a big pharmaceutical corporations (big pharma) cheat. These corporations do not care about your health and sexual health. They only want to make money. For example, Viagra annual revenues are around one billion USD.

If you opt for brand ED medications you pay enormous amounts and often get nothing back.


So what to do?

First, you should understand what causes the problem and that the causes are absolutely individual to each person.

Often, only changing one’s lifestyle is enough to once again achieve sufficient erections.

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