The Best Generic ED Drugs That Work in 2017

What are Generic Drugs?

brandvsgeneric-723x1024Generic drugs are those medications that appear on the market after the legal patent protection for original medications has officially expired.

Legal procedures, including all the expenses for the production of generic drugs, are typically less complicated at this point.

This is the main reason why generic drugs are much more affordable and may cost up to 7 times less than original brand medications.

Generic medications bear different trade names on the packages, but the chemical formulas remain effectively the same in order to gain FDA approval.

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Theoretically, this ensures the high quality, effectiveness and stability of the generic medication. However, the process is more complicated for generic medications that are used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men.

Below are 5 crucial differences between brand and generic ED meds.

Note: Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or Impotence, is a male sexual problem associated with the inability to reach and maintain a decent level of erection so that sexual intercourse may take place. ED may be of both physical (age, disease) and psychological (stress, fear) origins. Around 20 million men suffer from Impotence in the USA.

1. Legal Status

There are five approved medicines for Erectile Dysfunction treatment in the USA.

These are:

  • Viagra (1998),
  • Levitra (2003),
  • Cialis (2003),
  • Staxyn (2010),
  • Stendra (2012).

These prescription medications belong to the same chemical group of drugs, but they vary in features, length of action and side effects.

Officially, no generic ED medications are approved in the United States, nor in Canada, Great Britain, or anywhere in the world. This is due to strict patent protections which cover Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil) that don’t expire until 2018-2020.

However, generic ED drugs do exist, but they cannot be purchased in either local or online certified pharmacies. Instead, these medications are available to the World through Indian and Chinese online pharmacies that are not controlled by USA authorities. Generic Viagra and other generic ED medications are sold unofficially to men over the internet.


2. Effectiveness

FDA statements about “the same high quality, strength, purity and stability” for generic medications concern only those that applied for ANDA and to whom an approval has been granted.

Generic ED drugs manufactured by Indian and Chinese pharmaceutical companies never applied for the legal status for their product and they cannot do this due to the fact that the patents for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have not yet expired.

Therefore, it is impossible to talk about the same quality and effectiveness of generic impotence meds. These drugs may not work at all. No one can prove if chemical formulas and other components are equivalent to those in Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. It is perhaps only due to luck or a lack of reporting that these medications have not yet been found to harm anyone.

3. Prescription

Any approved oral medication for the treatment of Impotence in men in the United States can only be obtained through a prescription.  If you want to enjoy a high quality sexual life then you need to go through the embarrassment of a doctor’s consultation and get a prescription if your health conditions satisfy ED drug manufacturer’s requirements.

For example, you cannot take Viagra if you have taken prescription medications that are prohibited from being combined with Viagra in the last 6 months (i.e. certain medications for angina containing nitrates, drugs for hypertension).

On the other hand, generic Indian and Chinese medications for Impotence are for sale online without any prior prescription. Therefore, those who buy ED drugs via online pharmacies that have not been certified, take the risk that they will be swindled.

4. Dosages

Viagra (sildenafil) has three dosages: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. 100 mg is the maximum dose which is also the most efficient in Viagra. Viagra is taken daily.

Cialis (tadalafil) comes in four dosages: 2.5 mg and 5 mg – for daily use, 10 mg and 20 mg for taking as needed. Cialis 20 mg is the most powerful dosage that will work for up to 36 hours.

Levitra (vardenafil) comes in 5, 10 and 20 mg tablets.

Unofficial ED tablets contain from 5 mg up to 800 mg of active ingredients which presents extremely dangerous consequence possibilities for the health. For Viagra, 800 mg means that the strongest dosage has been lifted 8 times higher, increasing the dangers of side effects. Taking only two pills of Viagra 100 mg places great stress on the cardiovascular system. Do not take more than 100 mg per 24 hours.

5. Price

Price is the most significant difference between brand and generic ED medications. As stated at the beginning of the article, generic drugs typically cost 4-7 times less than original brand drugs. This explains the enormous popularity of generic impotence pills despite certain risks and their unapproved status.


You can buy both, brand and generic Viagra (sildenafil) risk free in reliable certified pharmacies. Find the list of legal online pharmacies that sell brand name Viagra, Cialis and Levitra online.

You will have to fax or email your valid prescription when ordering ED drugs online.